In the last week of July we produce our own Passata, an italian tradition that brings families and neighbours together. The tomatoes are sieved, cooked and preserved in sterilized bottles to be used the rest of the year, usually we make 100 bottles.

The day starts around 4:30am to avoid the heat of the day. We work till around midday where of course everything stops for lunch and a siesta! The process is repeated over 2-3 days.


􀀈In the first 2 weeks of November we pick the olives. The harvest of the olives are mainly picked by hand so that they are not damaged. Nets are spread around the bases of the trees so that the falling olives can be caught. A ritual that has not changed for hundreds of years.

The picking starts usually from 7am till dusk, just breaking for a light lunch by the olive groves and finishing the day with wine, food, laughter and warmth from the open fire. When all the olives are harvested they are crated up and delivered to the local mill where the olives are pressed by traditional stone wheels, producing our "liquid gold" organic virgin OLIVE OIL.

The work is hard but magical at the same time.

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